First Class November 6th at 6pm

First Class November 6th at 6pm


November 6th, 2018

6pm at the Kitchen Table at Osteria

Pina Carrara, known as “Mamma Pina,” grew up in a small village of 750 people in one of the main Valleys of Bergamo. Food, in Pina’s family of 9, had always been more than just a meal… it was a way of life that not only filled the body but the mind as well.

In this special series you will get to see what cooking with heart and soul really means as Pina shares the culture and cuisine of one of the most delicious regions of Italy!


SGABEI with prosciutto crudo & figs

CASONCELLI with sage & pancetta

DUCK with shallots, balsamic, chestnut honey & thyme


$150 per person

*Price does not include alcohol, taxes or tip.

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